Theatre Minor

Minor in Theatre

The minor in theatre is designed to provide the student with a broad overview of theatre. Requirements include a minimum of 18 credit hours from the courses below; 9 hours of which must be upper division with a minimum grade of C- in each THTR course and a minimum of 2.00 GPA for all THTR courses. Courses taken for the minor must be taken for a grade.  Transfer students may apply a maximum of 9 transfer hours with a maximum of 6 upper-division hours to the theatre minor.

Required courses for the theatre minor
(One 3-credit course from each of the 3 areas below)

~ One of the following (3 credit hours):
THTR 1003 Acting for Non majors
THTR 2003 Acting 1
THTR 1009 Introduction to Theatre
THTR 2105 Introduction to Theatre Design

~ One of the following (3 credit hours):
THTR 1011 Development of Theatre 1
THTR 2021 Development of Theatre 2
THTR 3011 Development of American Musical Theatre
THTR 4021 Development of Theatre 4

~ One of the following (3 credit hours):
THTR 1105 Stage Technologies
THTR 1115 Costume Technologies

~ 2 credits of THTR 3035 Production Practicum (including 1 run crew) OR 1 credit of THTR 3035 Run Crew and 1 credit THTR 3033 Acting Practicum

~ Dance class—1 credit hour

~ Theatre electives—6 upper division credit hours                                                                         

Students select courses from the theatre curriculum based on their interests and course availability. Certain upper division courses are restricted to theatre majors.

For a worksheet to help with minor planning follow this link: 12-13 THTR Minor worksheet
(Note: this form is not interactive and must be printed).

Theatre minor declaration meetings are held twice a month.  Students may view the schedule and sign up to attend a group declaration meeting by going to the following website:

Advisor for Minors: Kyle Neidt