Theatre Internship

Theatre students benefit from internships with professional theatre organizations such as the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Curious Theatre Company, American Theatre in Higher Education, American Society for Theatr Research, Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company, Boulder’s Dinner Theatre, Dairy Center for the Arts, and the Denver Center Theatre Company.

THTR Internship Course Outline
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Dance Internship

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The dance internship is intended to be a culminating experience for students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and is intended to explore career opportunities in dance fields other than, or in addition to, those with a choreographic or performance emphasis. Students are able to apply knowledge and skills developed in their major studies to a practical work experience. Our students have interned as teachers, administrators, choreographers, and outreach specialists at some really cool places such as, Frequent Flyers, Boulder Ballet, Mayama Movement Studio, Ballet Nouveau, Project Drum, Boulder County Arts Alliance and Dance Bridge.