i-9MPqSp6-X3When students learn about art, they learn about history and about genius.  When they create art, they make a permanent contribution that immeasurably enriches their lives and the lives of others.The presence of distinguished visiting artists on campus and in the classroom energizes students, challenges faculty, and enhances all the creative efforts of the university.

The James and Rebecca Roser Visiting Artist Program, established in 1995, is an important contribution to the education of students at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Funded by a private gift from the Rosers and matched by the Chancellor of the Boulder Campus, the program will provide continuing funding to bring artists each year to be resident resources in one or more of the five different artistic areas in which the University has major programs. The mission of the James and Rebecca Roser Visiting Artist Program is to enrich the lives and the education of Boulder Campus students in Music, Theatre, Dance, Fine Arts, and Film Studies, by funding visiting professional artists who have a demonstrated record of excellence and a commitment to working with students.  This enrichment and interaction is fostered by the artists’ collaboration in the creative process with students and faculty, and is available to the community, as appropriate.

The dance department also hosts many guest artist residencies, ranging from one-time guest lectures to multi-week teaching and choreographic residencies. These residencies are paid for by student Program Fee grant funds and are awarded to both faculty and students.


2013-14     Ananya Chatterjea

2012-13     Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser


2011-12     Rennie Harris


2010-11     Darrel Jones

2009-10     Kathleen Hermesdorf and Albert Mathias

2008-09    Terry Berliner and Heidi Henderson

2007-08    Art Bridgeman and Myrna Packer


2006-07    Rennie Harris

2005-06    Kevin Wynn


2004-05    Shelley Senter

2003-04    Melissa McCorkle

2002-03    Bebe Miller & Co.

2001-02    Gabriel Masson

2000-01    Joe Goode

1999-00    Sean Curran

1998-99    David Dorfman and members of his Company

1997-98    Jane Comfort and Company

1996-97    Dana Reitz

1995          Liz Lerman and members of The Dance Exchange