The Rope

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Directed by Jenn Calvano
Adapted by Matt Beard

The Rope (rõp): (n)
1. An implement by which tug-of-war is played, a tool for struggle.
2. A modern update of the Roman play, The Rope follows Plesidippus as he tries to free the girl he loves, Palaestra, from the pirate pimp Labrax and his transgender parrot Hedonagee*. Like its ancient counterpart, this play is dirty, racy and calls into question gender and power roles. It’s like walking into an elevator with Aristotle’s ideas and making out with them. Bring a friend so you can hold hands during the sex scene**.

*One of these characters was made up expressly for the purposes of this blurb.
**There is no sex scene***.
***Actually, I just remembered there kind of is.

Note: tickets are free but must be reserved in-person at the box office. Only two tickets per person, per day.

For mature audiences

Show Date                          Time               
Wednesday April 2 7:30 PM SOLD OUT
Thursday April 3 7:30 PM SOLD OUT
Friday April 4 7:30 PM SOLD OUT
Saturday April 5 2:00 PM SOLD OUT
Saturday April 5 7:30 PM SOLD OUT
Sunday April 6 2:00 PM SOLD OUT
Sunday April 6 6:30 PM SOLD OUT