Fringe Festival 2014

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Presented by CU-OnStage

The CU Fringe Festival is an annual collaboration between Onstage and the Theatre & Dance department showcasing the wide array of student talent over a single
weekend. Any CU student can propose a project, whether it’s original work, a dream production from theater, film, dance, performance art, or something else entirely.
The Fringe Festival embodies the mission of Onstage to give CU students creative opportunities that go beyond even those provided by academic programs. No matter
what projects end up going forward, the Fringe Festival is always “All Arts, All Free, All Weekend.”

For more info about Fringe Festival and CU-OnStage click here.

Show Date                          Time                       
Friday April 25 All Day Free General Admission
Saturday April 26 All Day Free General Admission
Sunday April 27 All Day Free General Admission