Irey Theatre (Directions)

April 19 and 20, 7:30 p.m.
April 21, 2 p.m.

The Current, an exciting new event this season, showcases the creativity of our accomplished faculty who will be joined by various guest artists. The program includes the following pieces:

Schizophunkia: Episode #1
Donna Mejia, choreographer

Fifteen bold dancers indulge their craving for ballistic beats and inventive movement in this up-tempo work — featuring some of the best electronic music in the universe.

The Personal
Sydney Skybetter, choreographer

The Personal is a choreographic grappling with collapse and erasure, consisting of a soloist’s execution of rigorous movement in a paradoxically confined space. An exploration of notions of passing, folding, falling and failing. Performed by Erika Randall.

Shift Me
Kim Olson, choreographer

Rapt intension and light frame questions of relationship and relevance. Shift Me investigates what we challenge and engage in order to generate connection with one another. We share this space, time and place.

You Are Why!
Rennie Harris, choreographer

Rennie Harris has crafted this new work in progress for graduate students Erinn Leibhard, Mecca Maduyn and Gesel Mason that will have you grooving in your seat. “You Are Why!” is set to house music and sources house and hip-hop dance movement.

Water Within
Nada Diachenko, choreographer

A male/female duet inspired by Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that water molecules are affected by sound, thoughts, words and feelings. The dancers progress from separation to unity, exploring abundance and lack, giving and receiving, gratitude and love.

Expatriation Orientation in Cryosleep
Donna Mejia, choreographer

The Interplanetary Expatriation Program welcomes you to the transport phase of relocation orientation. Are you ready for your first tutorial in trans-planetary diplomacy?

Erika Randall, choreographer

Daddy-O is an homage to the jazz stylings of Chet Baker, the rhythms of Pattin’ Juba-informed body percussion (hambone) and the life of the choreographer’s father, a jazz trumpeter and hambone player. A look at memory, grief and letting go.

Two Missionaries’ Daughters Converse About Reality
Onye Ozuzu and Stephanie Tuley, choreographers

An intricate conversation between Onye Ozuzu’s Africanist rhythms, coordinations, style and expression and Stephanie Tuley’s Europeanist musicality, patterning, line and shape. Sound designed by Aaron Snyder with music by Belá Fleck.

Surge, Swell, Rush
Lauren Beale, choreographer

Where is the current and how does it move you? This large-group piece is luscious, full-body-invested movement with a meditative quality. Feel the pulsation of waves beneath your feet, in your blood and deep within your lungs.

$10 with discounts available for CU Students. $5 Tickets for High School/Youth are available in person or by phone.