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High School Dance Day

This is an annual offering of our program’s diverse curriculum, presented as a day of on-campus classes, informal performances, and informational sessions to high school students, teachers, and parents.  High school senior dance scholarship auditions and auditions into our BFA program are scheduled on this day as well. High School Dance Day is Friday, February 28, 2014. Click HSDayRegistrationForm_2014 to register and HS Day Schedule 2014 for class information.

If you are interested in our Bachelor of Arts (BA) program and are a senior wishing to audition for a scholarship, fill out the HSDay2014_BA Scholarship form.

If you are interested in our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program and are wishing to audition into the BFA program (scholarships also available), fill out the 2014_BFA-Pre-Audition-Application. This information is both for high school seniors and students wishing to transfer into our dance BFA program. If you have questions regarding the BFA program, please contact Dance Undergraduate Director, Gesel Mason.

**If you are unsure whether the BA or BFA is right for you and are interested in auditioning for a scholarship on High School Dance Day, fill out the scholarship form for Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Free Ticket Program

This program offers middle and high school students no cost admittance to any performance on the CU Dance Season.  See Productions to view our current performance schedule and contact Peg Posnick, or 303-492-4336 at least one week prior to the performance date to secure tickets.

CU Moving Company

CU Moving Company, the undergraduate dance touring company, prepares informal performances, assemblies and movement classes each fall semester and offers them spring semester at low-to-no cost for K-12 schools, community centers, and other interested venues in the Denver/Boulder metro area.

Spring Break Dance Workshop — CU Dancing Into Spring Break

On campus dance workshop
 provided for middle and high school students during CU’s Spring Break. Classes run Monday through Wednesday (3/24 – 26) from 9 am – noon and offer a varied-style technique based warm up session followed by a “how to make your own dance” composition session.  Click spbkwrspregistr14 to register.

CU Contemporary Dance Works (CUCDW)

During the month of May, CUCDW, the graduate dance tour company, provides week-long residencies in Colorado areas that are underserved in the arts.  During these residencies, the company offers informal and formal performances as well as movement classes in a range of styles within local schools, community centers, and performance venues.
***If you are interested in booking CU Moving Company or CUCDW, need teachers to support your dance curriculum, are looking for experienced personnel  for a special performance or assembly event, or have any questions about CU Dance Outreach Contact: Peg Posnick at or 303-492-4336