Aerial Dance Track

Courses in the Aerial Dance Track are offered for those students who have a serious interest in aerial dance and it’s application to dance training, performance and/or teacher training. Students can work towards the completion of the Professional Training Program at Frequent Flyers while simultaneously pursuing their MFA degree. The Professional Training Program must be successfully completed before the MFA degree will be awarded. Before a student is eligible to begin work in the aerial track, he/she must be officially accepted by Frequent Flyers’ Professional Training Program (located off-campus in Boulder) and have been approved by faculty member Nada Diachenko to follow the Aerial Dance Track.

MFA students have two options in the Aerial Dance Track:

1.) Performance Track (PT) – Applicants should have at least one year of focused training in an aerial apparatus.  Students study at Frequent Flyers and complete written and choreographic projects, designed in collaboration with Valerie Morris, Frequent Flyers® Education Program Manager and Nada Diachenko.

2.) Teacher Training Track (TT) - This option is designed for students who have significant aerial dance experience and would like to teach the specific Frequent Flyers® Method created by Frequent Flyers Founder, Nancy Smith.

  • Students who are working at Frequent Flyers® concurrently with the MFA degree program are required to complete 50 credit hours towards their degree instead of 60. The other 10 credits are completed through Frequent Flyers® PT program.
  • The graduate dance core curriculum and dance technique credits are required–a total of 30 to 34 credits at the 5000 and 6000 level.
  • Students have the choice of writing a research thesis (4 or 6 credits) or completing a project (4 or 6 credits). The topic does not necessarily have to relate to Aerial dance.
  • Remaining credits may be taken in dance, kinesiology, psychology or in other areas which best support the student’s goals.
  • The dance department hosts Frequent Flyers® each summer for an Aerial Dance Festival. Hours of study at the festival may count towards either option stated above.
  •  In order to successfully complete the MFA requirements and the certification, students may need to add an additional year of study. Careful scheduling is critical during advising sessions.
  • All fees, schedules and regulations pertaining to the Aerial Dance Track are completely independent of the Dance Division in the Department of Theatre and Dance and the University.

Nada Diachenko is the advisor for students in the aerial concentration. She is the liaison between the Dance Division and Frequent Flyers® and can be reached by calling 303-492-5038 or

Contact Frequent Flyers Education Program Manager, Valerie Morris by calling 303-245-8272.

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