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Fall 2013 news

BA and BFA Alumni

Danielle Colangelo (BFA, 2011) is currently in New York working as the front-desk manager at Melanie LaPatin’s (choreographer for “So You Think You Can Dance”) Dance Times Square and as a choreographer and assistant teacher for Youth Broadway Prep classes. She also returned to StageDoor Manor Performing Arts training facility in upstate New York in summer 2012 as an assistant choreographer and dance teacher.

Daniel Hendricks (BA) dances with 3rd Law Dance, Frequent Flyers Productions and teaches Pilates in the Boulder area.

Page Jenkins (BA, 2009) dances with 3rd Law Dance Theater, Interweave Dance Theatre, Louder Than Words Dance Theatre and New Breed Dance Company. Page also teaches for Colorado Ballet’s Dance Renaissance Program, The Denver School of the Arts and is the Assistant Artistic Director of Colorado Youth Dance Theatre.

Kelsey Kempfer (BA) dances for Interweave Dance Company, New Breed Dance and teaches a variety of classes at Grace Studios in Broomfield, Colo.

Britney Kirkpatrick (BFA, 2012) is dancing with Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre in Chicago.

Stephanie Lee (BA, 2011) has worked professionally with several companies, including Denver-based Evolving Doors Dance and New York-based Dance New Amsterdam. She returned to Boulder in March 2013 to work with Cristina Goletti (MFA) to present (U.N.)W.R.A.P. Lee is now establishing a solo company and will serve as director, choreographer and marketer.

Bonnie Margolin (BA, 2012) and Johnny Stewart, (BA, 2013) are performing with Stilleto Entertainment, Holland America Cruise Lines in their “dancing with the stars at sea” program.

DeShawn Marshall (BFA, 2012) is an apprentice for Cleo Parker Robinson Dance in Denver and will dance a lead role in the company’s holiday show, “Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum.”

Anna Mayer (BFA, 2011) is the rehearsal director at Evolving Doors Dance Project and a dance educator in the Boulder/Denver area.

Stephen Schroeder (BFA, 2000) has performed with Zenon Dance Company since 2001, with ARENA Dances, Minnesota Dance Theatre, TU Dance, Nautilus Music Theater and the Minnesota Opera. In addition, he currently acts as Zenon’s technical coordinator and was recently awarded the 2012 McKnight Artist Fellowship for $25,000.

Jadd Tank & Mollie Wolf (BFA’s, 2012) have danced for Legitimate Bodies Dance Company under the direction of Cristina Goletti and Nick Bryson in Birr, Ireland. They premiered their evening-length Jadd, Molly, Timperformance in Birr, Ireland then embarked on a tour performing this work in venues around Ireland. Jadd and Mollie also continued their collaboration as WolfTank Productions, working on interdisciplinary performance duet that they plan to perform November 2012 as a works-in-progress, in Beirut, Lebanon and beyond that as a complete work in international dance conferences and residencies. Jadd was also part of Tara Rynders “You & Me” performance in San Francisco.

Mollie Wolf is currently acting as co-director and choreographer for the interdisciplinary production company, WolfTank, which she and Jadd founded together at CU in 2009. WolfTank has been awarded residencies in Boulder & Birr, Ireland, and is currently working on an evening length performance to be performed in Puebla, Mexico in 2014.

In 2011, Mollie founded the interdisciplinary performance company, |packfed| dance, which operates on the principles of artist specialization and cross-disciplinary collaboration.  |packfed| has been commissioned to make work with Ormao Dance Company three times, and continues to make work across Colorado.
In addition to her work with WolfTank and |packfed|, Mollie is a free-lance dancer, choreographer and movement instructor.  She is currently dancing for Control Group Productions, Wild Heart Dance Collective, and Moraporavida Contemporary Dance Company; and is an adjunct professor at Pikes Peak Community College.

MFA Alumni

Theresa Anton (MFA, 2004) dances with Hannah Kahn Dance Company and is the co-owner of the multi-media design company, Cloudburst.

Lara Branen (BA, 1977 & MA, 1987) continues to direct the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop with another alumni Chris Harris; now in its 36th year held each year at CU in the Dance Building as well as Interweave Dance Theatre  with which many CU alums have performed. She also teaches at Santa Rosa Junior College and directs the performances and choreograph the musicals following in the footsteps of Marilyn Cohen!

Sabrina Cavins (MFA, 2012) has been hired by the Actors Academy for Performing Arts to teach Theatre Lab, an interdisciplinary workshop that explores movement and theater improvisation in their unique, year-round performance conservatory training program. She also teaches dance technique at Reverence Dance Academy, North Ridge Dance Conservatory and at Red Rocks Community College in the department of Theatre and Dance.

Jaime Duggan (MFA, 2013) is a performing artist and dance instructor in Santa Fe, N.M.

Mimi Ferrie (MFA) dances for New Breed and Interweave Dance Theatre and works at Boulder Body Wear.

Joy French (MFA, 2010) is the founding member of Bare Bait Dance Company and is an instructor in the University of Montana dance department.

Cristina Goletti (MFA, 2013) is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

Rachel Harding (MFA, 2010) has danced for Cleo Parker Robinson, traveled around Europe as a freelance artist and the United States as a solo dancer with winds quintet, Imani Winds, in “Josephine Baker: A Life of Le Jazz Hot.” She is currently dancing with New Breed Dance Company and teaches for Denver Dance Starz.

Chris Harris  (MFA, 2011) is an assistant with Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop and owns her own dance company, Louder than Words.

Stephanie Kobes (MFA, 2010) is the Department Chair of Dance at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs.

Josselyn Levinson-Dustin (MFA, 2010) founded Tough Cookie Dance Company in 2010. She is an active member in the New York City performing community currently dancing for Sean Curran and Motely Dance Company.

Jeanine McCain (MFA, 2010) is an assistant professor of Dance at Ursinus College.

Leslie Merrill (MFA, 2007) is a dancer, choreographer, writer, teacher and video artist who teaches a variety of dance forms in the Boulder area. She also performs with Louder Than Words Dance Theatre, Haan Dances, Open Door Dance Theatre and Interweave Dance Theatre, choreographs for Ascential Dance Theatre and is co-director of Peekaboo Sole Productions.

Michael Mestas (MFA, 2012) is teaching Breakology at SOAR, a Denver charter school. He has recently been certified in “Responsive Classroom” (80 hours of professional development) and is also lead drummer for Djembe Sako. He also performs with fellow MFA student Fara Tolno’s company, Kissidugu.

Michelle Nance (MFA, 2001) is an Associate Professor of Dance at Texas State University. She teaches modern technique, choreography, and production. She also continues to make dances and perform nationally and internationally. She recently collaborated with CU alum and colleague, Ana Baer, on a video/dance which was showcased in the Tarapaca Region of Chili.

Chrissy Nelson (MFA, 2013) has been diving into many rich collaborations in the Front Range area. Along with dance artist and assistant professor of dance at Ursinus College, Jeanine McCain, she co-created Front Range Artist Salon Series, which brings together composers, dance artists, comedians, photographers and others who want to share work and feedback with fellow artists. This project ties well into the development of The Field-Boulder, an interdisciplinary artist feedback platform connected to The Field-NY. Chrissy will begin facilitating Fieldwork sessions in the Front Range in January 2014. Chrissy continues to be inspired by her colleagues in The SPILL Project — Cortney McGuire, Joanna Rotkin, and Laura Ann Samuelson. Together they are teaching, researching and performing in the community, emphasizing experimental and improvisational dance and theater work. Having been accepted to perform her work at the annual Body Mind Centering Association conference in June 2014 at Skidmore College, Chrissy will be able to share more of this research with an amazing somatic community. Still connected to CU, Chrissy is continuing her collaboration with Hugh Lobel and Kyle Monks for Lobel’s DMA ATLAS residency scheduled for April 2014 and continues to provide rehabilitative and conditioning services for the THDN Wellness program.

Jessica Pearson (MFA, 2012) is currently teaching on a prestigious two-year post doc at the University of Utah. 

Courtney McGuire (MFA, 2010) is a founding director of fivefour, a duet company, focusing on creating an unconventional, rhythmic and liberating movement style. Their work has been presented all over the states.

Christine Rohde (MFA, 2012) is an Assistant Professor of Dance at SUNY Potsdam in Potsdam, NY. Her recent activities include an 2012  adjunct dance faculty at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO teaching a variety of dance courses.  She created two new pieces “Tempting Change” and “The Rejection of Taylorism” on the High Altitude Dance Ensemble at PPCC. Additionally in 2012, she taught at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania for a guest artist residency,  where she set her new group work “Reawakening”.  In the fall of 2013, Miss Rohde will be teaching at SUNY Potsdam as Assistant Professor of Dance for the Theatre and Dance Department. More information can be found at

Tara RyndersTara Rynders (MFA, 2011) (photo at left) recently won Colorado Dance Alliance’s 2012 Cutting Edge Award and finished her eight-week creative artist residency with the award-winning PlatteForum, a youth-arts organization, in Denver. During this time she created “railroad stories,” a collaborative performance with seven teens who worked alongside her. She is currently co-creating a documentary of her MFA performance that occurred in her home called “You & Me.”  The show will travel to San Francisco and will be set in a new home, The Garage. For more information, visit her websites, and

Angie Simmons (MFA, 2004) is artistic director of Evolving Doors Dance Company and teaches at Longmont Dance Theatre.

Lauren Simpson (MFA, 2010) teaches in Boston at the Cambridge Ringe and Latin School and at Harvard College.

Fara Tolno’s (MFA, 2012) dance company Kissidugu performs around the United States, most recently in Hawaii. 

Stephanie Tuley (MFA 2012) is currently a lecturer at the University of Colorado, where she teaches courses in ballet dance history, and theory. Her research was recently featured in Dance Informa magazine. Stephanie is also Ballet Mistress at Longmont Dance Theatre, where she teaches ballet and stages repertoire. She is currently working on developing her MFA thesis into a book.