DANCE Ubuntu African Festival, April 19, 2014

Africa is a continent with more than one billion people, living in more than 50 countries, with diverse cultures. Yet it is the spirit of “Ubuntu,” the philosophy of our interconnectedness, which fosters the common bond of shared identity for the people across Africa. Ubuntu is the principle of interconnectedness that underscores the relationship between the past, the present and the future; the living and the dead; the material and the spirit world. It is the bedrock of interpersonal relations as lived within families and communities.Ubuntu photo

As cultural expressions borne out of our daily lives, African music, dance, stories, plastic arts and dramatic expression are inextricably intertwined and exist in a flux of constant conversations.

The inspiration for this project was the desire to bring together the department’s student group, CU OnStage, with both of Instructor Nii Armah Sowah’s African dance classes, as well as an audience of up to 500 guests, for one big community celebration in a spirit similar to the African dance finals that happen individually for each African class every semester.

Co-produced by CU Onstage and the Department of Theatre & Dance, the African festival will give visible expression to the principle of Ubuntu — allowing artistic conversations to occur among people, in polyrhythms, dancing bodies, costumes, songs and stories — in a seamless, complex and vibrant tapestry of joyous community celebration. Come join us! Audience members will be invited to join the party. Clapping, cheering, and dancing are encouraged!


Ubuntu African Festival

WHEN: 2 p.m. April 19, 2014

WHERE: UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom

TICKETS: $12 general admission; $10 CU students and seniors; $7 youth

BOX OFFICE: Call 303-492-8181 or click here to buy tickets.