[un]W.R.A.P. and Trajal Harrell

[un]W.R.A.P. brings New York dancer Trajal Harrell to CU March 6-9

Trajal Harrell, called “the brainy downtown experimentalist with a sharp sense of humor” by the New York Times, will headline an impressive lineup of dance, lectures and risk-taking at “[un]W.R.A.P.” at CU-Boulder March 6-9.

Cristina Goletti, curator and art director, describes the four-day event as a “choreographic forum with lectures and performances.”

“We’ve invited people who are really influential in the field of contemporary dance and dance scholarship,” says Goletti, a graduate student in the Department of Dance. “These are really extraordinary people.”

Harrell has won notice recently for his piece “Twenty Looks or Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem,” a fusion of classic Harlem voguing and the early postmodern dance that emerged in downtown New York City in the 1960s. He will perform a version of that work on March 9.

Harrell’s show asks the question, “What would have happened in 1963 if someone from the voguing ball scene in Harlem had come downtown to perform alongside the early postmoderns at Judson Church?” Rather than illustrating a historical fiction, this work transplants the proposition into a contemporary context, here and now.

Ryan Platt, assistant professor of performance studies at Colorado College and André Lepecki, associate professor in performance studies at New York University, will give lectures.

There also will be an informal performance on Friday evening of “raw ideas, short masterpieces or even charming failures” with students who are taking part in a weeklong mentorship program with Harrell.

“The idea is really to bridge the gap between writing about dance and performing. We hope to create a platform to look at how writing and theory can be informed by dance, and how dance can be informed bya larger theoretical discourse, Goletti says.

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